St. Mary's Sports

Active School Week

This Active Week we were jumping into Active Monday with some standing long jump games. Throw it Tuesday had us throwing our beanbags/shot putts into hula hoops. On Relay & Obstacle course Wednesday we raced as teams passing the batons from teammate to the next. We also raced around our obstacle course which we had great fun doing. 

Active Week finished with our Sports Day in Fernhill. We had 6 activities followed by our sprint races. It was a great day of fun and activities. 

Monday - Jumping into Active Week

Today we jumped right into Active Week with our jumping games.  We were practicing our standing long jump in the junior and Senior Classes whilst 6th Class practiced the jumping activity called 3 sticks (similar to the triple jump).

Tuesday - Throw it Tuesday

Today we practiced our throwing into the hoop game in the junior classes, whilst the senior classes played the throwing game Aliens and Spaceships. The junior classes practiced their overarm throw whilst the senior classes are practicing their push throw.

Santry Athletics 2022

Active Week finished with our Sports Day in Fernhill. We had 6 activities followed by our sprint races. It was a great day of fun and activities.

Congratulations to our Athletics team on a fine performance in the CNMB Athletics competition. This year, due to Co-Vid, there were a reduction in the number of races being competed in. We had athletes in the 600m, 80m, 4x100m relay (u12&u14), long jump and shot putt. Our students put in a fantastic performance, competing with boys and girls a lot older then themselves and still pushed them to the edge. 

Stand out performances included a 4th place finish in the u12 relay final for our boys and girls team and a 4th place finish for Alex in the long jump.

Sports Day 2022

The parents and teachers were then subjected to their annual race. It was very competitive and honest amongst the parents. However, there is an ongoing investigation into Mr. Mulholland's performance due to some irregularities with his running shoes.

Both teachers and students left the school with a healthy appreciation for sun cream, hydration and their sportier friends. Who cares who won or lost it was a cracking way to break for the bank holiday weekend!

The Child of Prague was out in force on Wednesday night and boy did it pay off. Fernhill basked in glorious sunshine as students and teachers took to the field for our annual Sports Day. 🏃

Year groups ran races, hopped their way to three legged glory, got into the sack (a manure sack), scored some cracking penalties, raced their hearts out for their relay team and threw beanbags as far as the eye could see.⚽