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Congratulations to the winners of our Recycled Christmas decoration competition! The winners were chosen by our Green Schools Committee. You can see the winning decorations below!

Our Green Schools Code

Be polite so turn off that light!

Use energy right, make our future bright!

What is Green Schools?

Green Schools is an environmental education programme and award scheme. It is a student-led programme in which schools can achieve Green Schools flags for reducing their environmental impact.

Our school has achieved 7 flags so far:

1. Litter and Waste

2. Energy

3. Water

4. Travel

5. Biodiversity

6. Global Citizenship – Litter & Waste

7. Global Citizenship – Energy

We are currently working towards achieving the Green Flag for the theme ‘Global Citizenship – Marine Environment’. We will be working towards achieving this for the next two years.

Our Green Schools Committee is made up of children from 1st – 6th class. One girl and one boy were nominated from each class to represent their peers.

Marine Environment Workshop

Our Green Schools Committee were invited to attend a workshop run by Green Schools Ireland about the Marine Environment. We learned important facts about the ocean and marine life. One of our favourite facts was that more than half of the oxygen produced on Earth comes from the ocean! The ocean also regulates our climate and provides us with food.

During the workshop we also created a piece of artwork. We used plastic wrappers and items to create a seahorse. You can see our amazing artwork below!

Unfortunately, the ocean contains lots of litter that negatively impacts marine life. Animals in the ocean often mistake litter for food. We can help protect the marine environment by reducing our use of single-use plastics.

Here are some top tips by Green Schools Ireland:

  1. Invest in a reusable water bottle

  2. Use a lunch box instead of cling film or a plastic bag

  3. Use pencils and crayons instead of plastic twist crayons and pens

  4. Swap plastic cartons of milk for Tetra Pak

  5. Choose reusable plastic pockets over laminating

  6. Swap balloons for colourful paper decorations

  7. Use cloths instead of plastic sponges for cleaning

  8. Stop using glitter

  9. Avoid plastic straws! Use a paper or metal straw instead

  10. Encourage friends and family to go plastic free too

Action day

This year we had an Action Day on 24th October. We spent two weeks collecting Halloween costumes that were no longer needed by families in our school. The textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. For this reason it is important to reuse when we can.

We received many generous donations from families in our school. The costumes were displayed at the entrance of the school on Monday 24th October. Lots of children chose one of these costume to wear for Halloween, rather than purchasing a new one.

The children wore these costumes on our dress-up day on the last day of school before the midterm break. You can see some of the amazing costumes here!

Green Schools Committee 2020-2022