6th Class

Educational Trip to Kilmainham Gaol

The 6th Class children recently visited Kilmainham Gaol to compliment their school history programme and studies of the events of the 1916 Easter Rising and subsequent events. They had a fantastic tour from their guide Dave and were treated to a lunch in the beautiful Irish Museum of Modern Art gardens afterwards.

ESB Science Blast

As par of our Science programme, the class entered the 2021/2022 ESB Science Blast. The basic idea is that the class pose a question related to science and then come up with experiments to see if they can answer the question themselves.

6th Class wondered if a plant if be able to survive on a diet of air, light and orange juice so we designed and carried out experiments and it turns out that orange juice kills plants and makes mold grow on them!

As part of the process, we had an expert judge who gave us a really good report and the school also received a very special visit from the ESB Science Blast Roadshow. We are really looking forward to seeing the video when it comes out.

Art Pieces: Easter Eggs

Just before the Easter break, we experimented with marbling inks and white card to create marbled Easter Eggs. While the process itself is pretty straight forward, there is a lot of prep work involved but we are really happy with the end product!

Art Pieces: A Bright Night

Using the recent full moon and the photo above as inspiration, we created art pieces using pastel chalk and black card.