1st Class 

(Mr. Hickey)

Grandparents Day

On 25th January, as part of Catholic Schools Week, we invited grandparents to come in and tell us a little about what life was like for them as a child. We learned so much from them. Most grandparents had to walk to school, there was no technology and some grandparents didn’t even have a television until they were eight. The children then performed some music songs for their grandparents. It was a great day. Many thanks to the grandparents for making it a very enjoyable afternoon. 

A Visit From An Archeologist

First class have been learning all about Ancient Egypt and had the great pleasure of an archeologist visiting our classroom. We learnt about the job of an archeologist and even got to hold some real life artifacts!

Lava Lamps

      We have had great fun investigating and making lava lamps. We began by having a discussion about chemical energy and what it means. We predicted what would happen when different materials are mixed (food colouring and water, water and oil, and finally water, oil and an Alka-Seltzer tablet). Finally we got to mix the ingredients to create our own lava lamps, recording on our science experiment sheets what we observed and the results.

Fernhill Nature Walk

On the last week of September both first classes went on a nature walk up to Fernhill. We have been learning all about the Autumn season and went on a mission to find as many different types of leaves as we could. In our Autumn lessons we have been learning about the different types of leaves and how we can recognise a tree by the shape and size of their leaves. 

We had a lot of fun exploring Fernhill and we even found some conkers and pine cones to bring back to the classroom. 

Christmas Concert

After learning our songs 'Jingle Bells', 'Bualadh Bos' and 'Santa is coming to Town' it was time to perform in front of our friends and family for our live concert. We dressed up as really cool elves. 

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!. 

This month in Aistear we are learning all about the café 

We have been busy with the following activities:

The CafÉ


Senior Infants went on a nature walk to Fernhill and took part in a 'Nature Scavenger Hunt' in partners. We searched for feathers, trees, bark and even spiders, we had a blast!

Playdough Challenge

We are learning our High Frequency Words. Each week we learn three new words and read, write, create and search for them in lots of fun ways. We find it very rewarding when we are able to recognise and read them all by ourselves.