Senior Infants (Ms. Farrelly)

Our Seesaw Portfolio & Blog

Seesaw is our online portfolio in St. Mary's National School. In Junior Infants we complete 2 homework activities a week on Seesaw. We might have to video record, draw, type or speak a response to the activity uploaded by our teacher.

We also use Seesaw to showcase some of the amazing work we do in our class to our families, friends and school communities. Our portfolio will travel with us from Junior Infants to 6th Class and will reflect our journey through school.

<-------- Scroll through our blog to see some of the amazing activities we do in our class.

Christmas Nativity

After learning our songs 'Ten Little Angels' and 'Mary will you Take This Baby Boy' it was time to perform in front of the camera. We dressed up as beautiful angels. This year we recorded our songs in front of a green screen.

We cannot wait to see what it looks like after it is edited and finished.

Decorating Our Christmas Tree

This week we set about decorating our classroom. We took out our crann nollaig and decorated it with some baubles, tinsil and soilse na nollag. We had create fun discussing how we get ready for Christmas in our own homes and how we should get ready in school.

We decided that we needed a crib for our classroom so Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus had somewhere to stay on their special day. We also learnt that our advent calendar represents the number of days we have to get ready for the birth of Jesus.


Daft Punk

As part of our music curriculum we have been learning about various artists such as the Beatles and Abba. This month we focused on the French duo Daft Punk. We found their music very interesting as it is based on electronic music and sounds like it is from the future. We think that they look like robots with their masks on and that their music matches their costumes.

We had great fun listening to their music especially the song 'One more Time'. It gave us energy to dance!


This week we were examining the art of pointillism. We discussed Georges Seurat, a famous pointillist artist. We learnt all about using dots to paint a picture. We do not paint with the brush, use it only to wet the paint.

We practiced using our whiteboard markers on our wipeable spots beore moving onto painting some african animal masks for our Aistear market stalls.


Tá muid ag foghlaim focal agus teanga nua leis an téama "Éadaí". Gleas muid suas, d'imir muid Biongó, chanamar amhrán agus croch muid suas éadaí ar an líne éadaí.

Bhí an-craic again leis an téama seo.


Pancake Tuesday

Junior Infants have been working very hard earning Dojo Points to spend at Mr. Hickey's Dojo Shop. In his Dojo shop in February there were pancakes and toppings for pancakes. To celebrate Shrove Tuesday the class enjoyed pancakes with some of their favourite toppings. They could spend Dojos and buy pancakes and toppings. As you can see, there were happy faces all round :)

The Vet

This month we are learning all about the work of the vet as part of our Aistear theme! We got the chance to dress up as people who work in the veterinary clinic, such as the vet, the veterinary nurse, the receptionist and the owners bringing in their pets. We made veterinary clinics and animal enclosures in the construction area, we made animals and accessories for our pets using the Playdough mats, we washed our animals in the water station and we played with small animals and people in the Small World area, pretending to bring the pets to the vet!

Making Words

We are learning to sound out, blend and create words using our velcro word boards. Each week we create words using all the sounds we have learnt in our Jolly Phonics Programme thus far. It's a lot of fun and we find it very rewarding when we are able to create them all by ourselves.

Nature Walk

Last week, we went on a nature walk up to Fernhill. We walked up with 3rd class. They helped us by carrying our lunchboxes and bottles. When we arrived in Fernhill we went on a nature hunt looking for lots of different things such as leaves, smooth bark and yellow flowers. It was so much fun.

After our nature hunt we had a picnic on the grass and got to play with all our friends.


We've been working on choosing between long and short items and recognizing longer and shorter when comparing items. We read a book about a mouse and a boot where he was trying to figure out would it fit in his house or was it to long.

We measured the table in our room using Mr. Hickey's feet and Marcas' feet. We realised they were different numbers because their feet were different sizes.

After that Mr. Hickey's socks were brought out which we had to hang on the washing line in the correct order from longest to shortest.

Then we created our own starting lines and had to place our coloured paper on the line in the correct order from longest to shortest. We had to make sure the race between the colours was fair by placing them all at the same starting line.

Read and Match

We have come along way with our reading in Mr. Hickey's Junior Infant class. We have been reading sentences and matching them to the pictures along with reading our CVC and tricky word stories each night. Soon we will be reading big books from our library.

The Airport

Even more fun with Aistear in Mr. Hickey's Junior Infants! We kicked off with a new theme all about the Airport! We learned all about the different jobs that people have at the airport. We learned that you need to bring your passport with you so that the airport police know who you are. We had lots of different activities to take part in for the Airport theme, such as making our own passports, building a small world airport, flying an airplane, checking-in at the desk with your passport, ticket and luggage. That was really fun! We hope you enjoy looking through our photos of Airport Aistear in Mr. Hickey's class!


For the last week we have been working hard in math's on capacity. We have been comparing containers and working on the math's language 'hold's more' and 'holds less'. We used the story of the three bears to compare the bears bowls and how much rice krispies each bowl would hold.

Student of the Week

Each week we earn Dojo Points in our class. The person with the most Dojo Points at the end of the week wins the student of the week trophy. You can see some of the winners in our picture reel.